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Speaker Portal

The Speaker Portal contains a large collection of power point slides that are completely referenced with citations to clinical research on testosterone.

Aim: To provide HCPs, who work in the area of men’s health, presentation slides that can be used to share information about testosterone research with colleagues, as well as patients. It is also an excellent tool for medical students to learn about the latest medical research related to hypogonadism and testosterone therapy, and share with professors and other students.

The power point slides are ideal material for meetings and lectures.

  • Large collection of references presentations
  • Pick and choose individual slides from all slide decks
  • Easily create your own slides with the Presentation Builder

What you will find in the Speaker Portal

Presentation Builder

Hypogonadism - Presentation Builder

This tool allows you to create your own custom power point slide presentation, giving you the freedom to use the Speaker Portal slides according to your topics of interest.



Hypogonadism - Resources

Links to external websites and full text open access studies/review papers, with in depth information about hypogonadism and testosterone therapy.


Downloads & materials

Hypogonadism - Downloads & materials

Here you can download the ready-made presentation slide decks as modules, and/or pick and choose the slides you want to use for your own customized presentation slide deck.


FAQ / Information

Hypogonadism - FAQ

The presentations in the Speaker Portal have been collected from authoritative lectures presented by prominent scientists whi conduct medical research on hypogonadism and testosterone therapy and can be used for any kind of presentation and audience.


Last updated: 2018