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Information for patients


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The Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males (ADAM) test is an easy way to answer questions about your sexual health, which can help to see if you need your testosterone level checked. A positive result does not necessarily mean that you have a low testosterone level or require treatment, but can be a guide to help discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, this is only a guide to help you and your doctor or nurse.

Don't forget to print out results and take them to your doctor on your next visit.

Begin Test
Yes No
1.Do you have reduced libido (sex drive)?
2.Do you have a lack of energy?
3.Do you have a decrease in strength and endurance?
4.Have you lost height?
5.Have you noticed less enjoyment of life?
6.Are you sad and/or grumpy?
7.Are your erections less strong?
8.Have you noticed a recent deterioration
in your ability to play sports?
9.Are you falling asleep after dinner?
10.Is your work performance suffering?

Don't forget to take this to your doctor on your next visit.

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Last updated: 2019