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15 April 2015

Health Consequences of Subclinical Hypogonadism

Health Consequences of Subclinical Hypogonadism

Characteristics of compensated hypogonadism in patients with sexual dysfunction. Corona G, Maseroli E, Rastrelli G, et al. The journal of sexual medicine. 2014;11(7):1823-1834.

In discussions about diagnosis and health consequences of hypogonadism, the prime focus is given to testosterone levels and signs/symptoms. However, emerging research has identified a less clinically evident gonadal dysfunction called “subclinical” hypogonadism (or “compensated” hypogonadism).

Subclinical hypogonadism is characterized by normal testosterone levels in the presence of elevated LH level. As testosterone levels are not markedly reduced in subclinical hypogonadism, intuitively one may think it does not confer negative health consequences. However, a recent study which specifically was conducted to investigate the potential health ramifications of subclinical hypogonadism, shows that it should not be neglected.

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