Scientific and practical relevance of long-term testosterone replacement for hypogonadal men


The symposium videos presented here are from the 29th Annual EAU Congress held in Stockholm, April 2014.

Considered as being Europe’s biggest urology event, the EAU Congress is a meeting for the international urological community to share the latest advancements with medical experts practising across the board. Special focus is given on the latest updated clinical practice guidelines on testosterone therapy, its perceived cardiovascular and prostate risks, and the critical importance of adherence and long-term treatment for achievement of maximal benefits. The discussion also gives advice on how the professional community can ally together to work against the spread of misinformation by media reports of flawed studies to the general public, which has no medical knowledge and is not capable of dissecting and comprehending statistical data manipulations and its consequences.



Dr. Michael Zitzmann

Prof. Dr. Michael Zitzmann
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
Andrologist, Endocrinologist, Diabetologist
Specialist for Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Clinical Andrology / Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Andrology
University Clinics, Muenster, Germany

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