Treatment tracker

The Nebido® Treatment Tracker is a tool designed to help HCPs improve patient adherence to Nebido® treatment. The British Society for Sexual Medicine (BSSM) guideline recommends initiating testosterone therapy only in conjunction with weight-loss advice and lifestyle modification.1 Considering that lifestyle change is notoriously difficult for patients to achieve and maintain, and the need for long-term adherence to Nebido® treatment in order to achieve the full spectrum of health benefits, the Nebido® Treatment Tracker was developed.

Nebido®  treatment tracker

The Nebido® Treatment Tracker is a patient focused website interface with the dual goal to help patients improve their lifestyle and adhere to their Nebido® treatment. In busy clinical practice, where the time available to teach patients about lifestyle changes is minimal, the Nebido® Treatment Tracker serves as a helpful tool to improve patient outcomes.

The Nebido® Treatment Tracker both educates patients about the importance of lifestyle changes and provides concrete practical tips on what to change and how. In addition, it provides a section where patients are encouraged to enter appointment dates, test results and doctor’s summary reports.

When starting treatment with Nebido®, patients are highly motivated to make lifestyle changes. However, if left on their own, patients typically revert to old bad habits and start to miss follow-up appointments and injections. The Nebido® Treatment Tracker was designed to overcome this by providing practical advice, support, encouragement and motivation that patients need, while also ensuring that patients can see the ongoing benefits of receiving testosterone therapy with Nebido®.

Treatment tracker


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