Nebido® treatment tracker

June 2019

You have been diagnosed with hypogonadism and prescribed Nebido®, which is a treatment that will restore your testosterone level with the goal to alleviate your symptoms and improve your health. To get the most health benefits out of your Nebido® treatment, it is important that you try to increase your daily physical activity. The good news is that restoration of testosterone levels will make you feel more energized and motivated for physical activity, which in turn will make it easier for you to actually become more physically active.

The goal of the Nebido® Treatment Tracker is to help you through the process of becoming more physically active by giving you practical suggestions for how to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, and providing tools that you can use to track your progress towards your physical activity goals. The Nebido® Treatment Tracker will also help you keep track of your doctor appointments, test results and treatment progress.

The Nebido® Treatment Tracker comprises 4 main sections:

  • Self-evaluation
  • Appointment log
  • Activity preferences
  • Activity planner


The first step is to do a self-evaluation in the Nebido® Treatment Tracker. An initial evaluation was made by your doctor as part of the process of making your hypogonadism diagnosis. Now, you want to keep monitoring your symptoms in order to track how the treatment with Nebido®, combined with your efforts to increase your physical activity, is benefiting you. This is what the self-evaluation part of the Nebido® Treatment Tracker is for.

Appointment log

The purpose of the appointment log is for you to keep track of your doctor appointments and follow-up test results.

Medical guidelines recommend the following tests for ongoing monitoring of testosterone therapy:

  • Total testosterone level
  • PSA (prostate specific antigen)
  • AMS
  • IIEF
  • HbA1c (in men who have diabetes)

The purpose of testosterone therapy is to restore your total testosterone level to the middle normal range, or to a level within the normal range that will make your symptoms disappear (or at least become less bothersome). Therefore, it is important to monitor testosterone levels during treatment with Nebido®.

Your PSA level is an overall indicator of your prostate health. It is common for PSA to increase slightly within the normal range during the first year of testosterone and then stabilise.

Your AMS (Aging Males' Symptoms) score evaluates symptoms of aging (independent from those which are disease-related), the severity of symptoms over time, and changes before and during testosterone therapy.

Your IIEF (International Index of Erectile Dysfunction) score is an overall indicator of your erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction and overall sexual satisfaction.

In men with diabetes, HbA1c indicates how well the body is managing blood sugar levels, or how well diabetes medications are working. The HbA1c cut-off for the diagnosis of diabetes is ≥6.5% (48 mmol/mol).

Activity preferences

The activity preferences section helps you find activities that you enjoy doing, by providing many examples. This is your source of inspiration!

Activity planner

Add your favorite activities to the weekly activity planner. The activity planner enables you to plan your physical activity and record your progress until the activity has become established as a natural part of your daily/weekly routine. Regular physical activity – regardless of intensity – will maximise the benefits of your testosterone therapy with Nebido®.

In the Nebido® Treatment Tracker you will also find food advice. If you need a diet with more detailed meal plans, talk to your diabetes team.

If you prefer, you can download and print out all the information contained in the Nebido® Treatment Tracker. We have designed and developed the Nebido Treatment Tracker to make it as easy as possible for you to get maximum health benefits from your testosterone therapy with Nebido®.

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