Check your symptoms

Check your symptoms

Try out our four tests that will make it easier for you to evaluate yourself and assess your risk of hypogonadism. The results will act as a guide to help you and your healthcare professional. If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone then you should talk to your healthcare professional. 

ADAM questionnaire

This questionnaire is useful to help you see if you need your testosterone level checked

AMS questionnaire

This questionnaire has been designed to identify the severity of aging males' symptoms

Waist-to-height ratio

This calculator is a measure of your body fat distribution and is used as a tool to screen for testosterone deficiency

BMI calculator

This tool calculates your body fat based on your height and weight providing a measure of whether you're a healthy weight


Treatment options

Low testosterone can be replaced by using one of a number of treatment options, but these need to be discussed with your doctor in order to determine whether they are suitable for you.

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Research News

Explore the latest news and research articles we have compiled on testosterone deficiency and other related health matters.

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