Testosterone deficiency
symptom checker results
Based on the symptoms you have selected you may have symptoms suggestive of low testosterone so you should talk to a healthcare professional. They will determine your testosterone level and if you do have low testosterone, they will provide you with the appropriate treatment you need. Take this print-out with you to your appointment with your healthcare professional to help with the conversation.
Low sex drive (libido)
Lack of energy
Decreased strength & endurance
Height loss
Lack of enjoyment in life
Feeling sad or grumpy
Reduction in your ability to exercise
Falling asleep after meals
Work performance is suffering

* The testosterone deficiency symptom checker is based on the Androgen Deficiency in Ageing Males (ADAM) questionnaire

The Nebido campaign has been developed to raise awareness of testosterone deficiency (TD)

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The campaign has been initiated, organised and funded by Bayer.


Date of preparation: March 2021